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About company

Technosbyt was based in Chelyabinsk in November, 2008.

The main activity trend of Technosbyt Ltd. is to complete units of food-, pulp and paper-, oil-refining- and machine-building industry by control and measuring gadgets from the leading home and foreign manufacturers. During this time we have approved ourselves as an experienced and reliable supplier of high quality instruments and equipment.

New ideas and technology come to the market as well as the understanding that only technically qualified experts should implement complex equipment to the present companies. Our companys staff consists of high qualified and experienced specialists. Their knowledge and experience always allow You to choose the most appropriate item and optimize your decision. We offer complex supply service of control and measuring instruments, automation-, control- and technology adjusting equipment. We deal with technical documentation, requests, lists of complete set. The members of our company are always ready to give a qualified practical support while choosing the necessary equipment, changing worn or outdated gadgets to up-to-date analogues.

Studying the today consumers demand, our company has substantially extended the nomenclature of the offered goods, and now we are able to offer instruments in stock and to order a great range of control and measuring equipment from different countries-manufacturers (Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Germany, Italy, Spain, USA, Czech Republic, Japan, Sweden, Finland, etc.., more than 130 thousand items, more than 2000 manufacturers).

Long-term relationship with manufacturers of measuring equipment and large stock of equipment allow us to offer a consumer the price recommended by a manufacturer, and to give a discount from a factory price in many cases! All supplied goods are certificated and involved in the State Register of measuring equipment.

The developed system of equipment supply allows us to deliver Your orders to an intended destination in the shortest possible time. The shipment is possible by motor-, air transport, railway or post, or to the very enterprise with preliminary customs clearance, if necessary.

We hope that you will appreciate all the benefits which you gain from choosing Technosbyt Ltd. as your supplier.